Wake Park Peltomäki



Wakeboarding in Peltomäki (former Wake Valley)

In Peltomäki Wake Park we have the first full size cable for wakeboarding in southern Finland. The cable line goes near the shoreline all around the lake and you get in as you would in an anchor ski lift. You take your turn to jump in and enjoy the easy-going turns or challenge yourself on our new obstacles. Our cable can support seven simultaneous riders.

Amongst our obstacles are both easy to learn starters and pro-level challenges. As you progress through the obstacles into more complicated tricks you will find the most addictive part of the hobby.

You can also slide into the cable ride with a kneeboard which is most popular with the youngest riders.

Our professional staff will help both beginners and experienced riders to get most out of their day on the lake.


Wakeboard as much as you can
2 h session 32 € / person (inc. Basic rental board)

Daypass 59 € / person (inc. Basic rental board)

Week Mon – Fri 170 € / person (inc. Basic rental board)

10 x 2 h pass 290€
- Includes basic gear (no wetsuit).
- Not personal, can be shared.

20 x 2 h pass 559€
- Includes basic gear (no wetsuit).
- Not personal, can be shared.

Season 2021 pass 559 €
- Does not include gear.
- Personal.
- No limits on daily ride time.

Wetsuit rentals
- 2 h / 5 €
- 12 h / 20 €

Pro-board rentals
- 2 h / 5 €
- 12 h / 20 €

Opening hours for cable

Summer vacation season
Weekdays 9 - 20 (21)
Saturdays 9 - 21 (22)
Sundays 12 - 20 (21)

Outside the vacation season
Weekdays 12 - 20 (21)
Saturdays 10 - 20 (21)
Sundays 12 - 19 (20)

By booking
When your group is 10 riders or more, we will open the cable according to your wishes.

We withhold the right to change opening hours depending on the length of the season and weather conditions.


How to get there and what to do on arrival?
All known GPS navigators and map software find the place with our address:
Säynäväjärventie 38, 34130 Ylinen.

Please leave your car on the parking space and leave all extra valuables in your car. There's a very limited number of lockers on site.

If you are arriving only for wakeboarding, please follow the guide signs straight to the beach. You will receive all instructions there to proceed.

Do I have to book a time?
The big benefit of a big cable is that there's plenty of capacity to spare for riders. You can just arrive without a booking and jump on in!

In case you feel you need a wetsuit, you can book it in advance though our webstore.

Our webstore also has wakeboarding packages on offer which include accommodation, food and wakeboarding all through your stay.

Which payment methods you accept?
We accept all common debit and credit cards, Smartum, Edenred, ePassi and gift cards out of our webstore.

Can I come alone?
Absolutely! You don't need a pal to ride a wakeboard. Our staff will help you out as needed.

What do I have to know on first try?
You have to know how to swim even though we always use vests to help you keep afloat. No previous experience is needed, although any experience with snowboards, skateboards or kiteboards will kick-off your training. Wakeboarding is very much like snowboarding so you can keep training tricks to your beloved winter sport all through the summer. We will provide extensive instructions and support for all beginners.

Is riding on big cable hard?
As opposed to a 2-tower system, the big cable has much gentler turns and is actually easier to ride once you get going. You will be riding much more in a shorter amount of time.

If you can stay up on a 2-tower system but find the 180 degree turns hard, you will find the turns on a big cable much easier to handle.

There are obstacles to challenge even the most experienced riders. We will publish the obstacle map during the spring.


The general mixed swimsuit sauna of Peltomäki is essential and unique part of our wakeboarding experince.

On thursdays the use of smoke sauna is also included in the price of wakeboarding.

Wakepasses and packages are available in our webstore.